Recent publications and papers 

Carr, D (forthcoming) ‘Body Count’ – Paper for DiGRA July 2018, Turin.

Carr, D (2018) Keynote for UCL Interdisciplinary Conference on Disability: Disability between academic and research practice: breaking barriers towards a just and equal world – 9th May 2018. PDF of slides – Carr Final Agh! It_s Alive!.

Carr, D (2017) ‘Methodology, Representation, and Games’  for Games and Culture or, use this draft version CarrMethodRepGamesOnline)

Carr, D (2016) Two papers for DiGRA 2016. 1.Delicate Subjects: Vulnerability and validation in action adventure games. 2. Players, Diverse Bodies and Embodied Interpretation. Link to DiGRA abstracts and slides.

Carr, D (2014) Ability, Disability and Dead Space. Game Studies. Vol 14 Issue 2 December 2014. Link.

Carr, D (book under construction – still) Play/Able Bodies: Representations of Ability and Disability in Video Games.

Carr, D (2014) Weird Spheres, Bursting Bodies and Peculiar Tools: Disability, Masculinity and the Monstrous in the Dead Space Series, conference presentation, for Diversity in Speculative Fiction – Loncon 3, 72nd World Science Fiction Convention. Thursday 14 to Monday 18 August 2014. London, UK.

Carr, D (2014) invited speaker. Play/able Bodies: Augmentation, Ability and Order in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For the Skandinavian Games Developers Conference. University of Skövde, 3-4 June. CarrSkövdePPTforBLOG

Carr, D (2014) Representations of Ability in Digital Games. Paper for the Critical Evaluation of Game Studies Seminar. 28-29 April 2014, University of Tampere, Finland. CarrTamperePaperDraftForBlog

Carr, D. (2013) Bodies, Augmentation and Disability in Dead Space and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for FROG Conference, Vienna September 27-28th. Proceedings of the 7th Vienna Games Conference, FROG 2013 Context Matters! Exploring and Reframing Games in Context, K. Mitgutsch, S. Huber, J.Wimmer, M. G. Wagner, H. Rosenstingl (Eds.) Vienna. New Academic Press Org. 2013, pp 31-41 FROG 2013 final paper (Revolution, not ‘Revolutions’ – tsk..)

Carr, D. (2013) Red Shirts and Black Holes, paper for Avoidance and/in the Academy. The International Conference on Disability, Culture and Education. Liverpool Hope University 11 – 12th September 2013

Carr, D. (2013) Representations of Ability and Disability in Dead Space and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for the ICA Pre-Conference on Digital Games, London, 17th June 2013

Carr, D (2013) Damage and Decorum in Dead Space, invited talk for Contemporary Fiction Research Seminar, 16th March 2013 (University of London IES seminar series)

Carr, D (2013)  ‘Interpretation, Representation and Methodology: Issues in computer game analysis’ in Visual Communication, D. Machin, (ed.) De Gruyter. This is a republication/book chapter version of ”Textual Analysis, Digital Games, Zombies’ (DIGRA conf., paper, Carr 2009, copy online at the DiGRA digital library, link) – (RE4 is survival horror – except in my head, where it is ‘horror survival’ – tsk, again).

Prior to 2013 – publications

Carr, D. (2012) ‘Interpretation, Conflict and Instruction in Online Multiplayer Games: Lessons from Warsong Gulch’ in Computer Games / Players / Game Cultures: A Handbook on the State and Perspectives of Digital Game Studies, edited by J Fromme and A Unger. Publ: Springer. EDITCarr_WoW

Carr, D (2010)  ‘Constructing Disability in Online Worlds; Conceptualising Disability in Online Research’. London Review of Education: Special Issue ‘Being Online: A Critical View of Identity and Subjectivity in New Virtual Learning Spaces’  March 2010. The project blog is here, while a draft of this paper is here, CarrDRAFT2ndLife.

  • The above is republished  in Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds, A.Peachey and M.Childs (eds.) Springer, 2012

Carr, D (2009) ‘Textual Analysis, Digital Games, Zombies’.  Presented at DiGRA 2009, UK. Copy online at the DiGRA digital library, link.

  • A 2000 word extract of this paper is published in Media Studies: The Essential Resource, 2nd edition, Authors: S. C Benyahia, A. Gardner, P. Rayner, P. Wall. Routledge, in press 2014. A re-worked version of the paper was republished in Visual Communication, D. Machin, (ed.) De Gruyter, 2013 (details above)

Carr, D. and Oliver M. (in press) ‘Second Life, Immersion and Learning’ in Social Computing and Virtual Communities, edited by P. Zaphiris and C.S. Ang. Taylor and Francis. There’s a copy of the draft online here.

Carr, D and Oliver, M (2009) ‘Tanks, Chauffeurs and Backseat Drivers: Competence in MMORPGs’. Eludamos. Journal for Computer Game Culture. Vol 3, No 1 (link)

  • The ‘tank’ paper was republished in Exploring the Edges of Gaming K.Mitgutsch, C.Klimmt and H.Rosenstingl (eds.) Braumuller, 2010. Pages 35-46

Oliver, M., Vogal, M., Carr, D (2009) ‘Representing Pedagogy’, book chapter for Academic Futures: Inquiry into Higher Education and Pedagogy, edited by the iPED Research Network, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Oliver, M. and Carr, D ( 2009) ‘Learning in Virtual Worlds: Using Communities of Practice to Explain How People Learn From Play’ in British Journal and Education and Technology, Special issue, ‘Out of This World: 3-D MUVEs in Higher Education’ 40 (3) April PP 444-457. Link.

Carr, D, Oliver, M and Burn, A (2008) ‘Learning, Teaching and Ambiguity in Virtual Worlds’, in Researching Learning in Virtual Worlds. Peachey, A, Gillen, J, Livingstone, D, Smith-Robbins, S. (eds) UK : Springer. Draft online here – this is the paper from ReLive 08 at the OU.   

Avatar in Second LIfe

Hmm.  From my ‘protest t-shirt making phase’ in Second Life.

Carr, D. and Pelletier, C. 2008 ‘Gamers, Gender and Representation’ for the Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education R.Ferdig (ed.)

Carr, D (2007) Un-Situated Play? Textual Analysis and Digital Games, for the DiGRA website Hardcore no. 18, November 07

  • A 1500 word extract from this was published in Media Studies: The Essential Resource, 2nd edition, authors: S. C Benyahia, A. Gardner, P. Rayner, P. Wall. Routledge, 2014

Carr, D (2007) ‘The Trouble with Civilization’ chapter for the book Videogame/Text/Player/Play T. Krzywinska and B.Atkins (eds) Manchester: Manchester University Press, carrcivproof.

Carr, D., Buckingham, D., Burn, A., Schott G. (2006) Computer Games: Text, Narrative and Play, Cambridge: Polity Press.

Carr, D (2005) ‘The Rules of the Game, The Burden of Narrative: Enter the Matrix’, a chapter for The Matrix Trilogy; Cyberpunk Reloaded, S Gillis, ed. London: Wallflower Press/Columbia University Press. matrixproofcarr1

  • The Matrix paper is republished in Transmedialita Ludica. Videogiochi, cinema, televisione, fumetti, M.Bittanti (ed) Milan: Edizioni Unicopli, 2008.

Carr, D (2005) Contexts, Gaming Pleasures and Gendered Preferences, Simulation and Gaming Vol 36 No 4 December 2005 Online at Or email me for a copy (d.carr at

PC Players

Players on PCs at the game sessions.

Carr, D. (2005) Contexts, Pleasures and Gendered Preferences: Girls and computer games in Changing Views: Worlds in Play – Selected papers of the 2005 Digital Games Research Association’s Second International Conference. June Vancouver 2005. There is a copy here at the DIGRA website. Note that this is a shorter, conference paper version of the above journal article.

  • The above paper was republished in Growing Up Online: Young People and Digital Technologies. S. Weber and S. Dixon (eds) NY: Palgrave Macmillan 2007 pp 151-160
  • Here’s a PDF copy of the DiGRA presentation 2005. PDFCarrDIGRA2005

Carr, D (2004) ‘Modelled Cities, Model Citizens; from overseer to occupant’ for Sim City: the Virtual City ed. Dr Matteo Bittanti, Milano: Edizioni Unicopli carrsimcity

Carr, D., Schott, G. Burn A and Buckingham, D. (2004) ‘Doing Game Studies: A multi-method approach to the study of textuality, interactivity and narrative space’ in Media International Australia publ. Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy. No 110, Feb 2004

Carr, D (2003) ‘Play Dead; genre and affect in Planescape Torment and Silent Hill’ in Game Studies vol 3 issue 1

Burn, A and Carr, D (2003) Signs from a Strange Planet: Roleplay and social performance in anarchy Online, Published in conference proceedings, COSIGN 2003, 3rd conference on Computational Semiotics for Games and New Media, 10th-12th September 2003, University of Teesside, UK, pp 14-21

Carr, D., Burn, A., Schott, G. and Buckingham, D. (2003) ‘Textuality in Video Games’ in M. Copier & J. Raessens (Eds.) Level Up: Digital games research conference, Utrecht: University of Utrecht Press. There’s a copy online here at the DiGRA Digital Library.

Carr D (2002) ‘Playing with Lara’ a chapter for ScreenPlay: Cinema/Videogame Interfaces (ed. Krzywinska, T & G King) London Wallflower Press/Columbia University Press (note: Archaic, bless…it was written in 2000/2001 when I finished my MA…draft PDF/time machine here: CarrLaraCroft.

Short papers

Carr, D (2007) Machinima and Education – a short article for the Futurelabs website, September 2007, online here.

Carr, D (2007) ‘Computer Games in Classrooms and the Question of Cultural Baggage’ colloquium article for the British Journal of Educational Technology special issue on Game Based Learning

Carr, D (2007) ‘Travel and Experience in World of Warcraft’, a review for Space, Time, Play: Architecture, Urbanism and Computer Games, von Borries, Walz, Brinkmann and Bottger, (eds.) Basel, Berlin: Birkhauser Publishing

Carr, D. 2008 ‘Learning in Virtual Worlds’ for Education 2.0? A commentary by the Technology Enhanced Learning phase of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme, N.Selwyn (ed) TLRP, pp 17-22

Carr, D. (2009) ‘Virtually Accessible’ in Access: the inclusive design journal spring 2009, published by RNIB. Pages 23-25

Carr, D (2006) ‘Researching Computer Games, Learning and Education’ article for Operational Research Society Newsletter, Rajan Anketell, ed, October issue, 2006

Carr, D (2005) ‘Research into Computer Games and Learning: A brief overview’ Interact, issue 31 October 2005

Carr, D (2003) ‘Game On: The history, culture and future of videogames’ Exhibition review, Visual Communication vol 2 issue 2 July 2003 Sage

Schott G, D Carr, A Burn (2003) ‘Why Should We Study Digital Games?’ Media Magazine, Issue 5, September 2003, pp 9-11


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