Event – Critical Perspectives…2011

Digital games research seminar: critical perspectives and work in progress

Monday 26th September, from 2 – 5 pm

At the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, University of London at 23-29 Emerald St, London, WC1N 3QS

Supported by the Higher Education Academy Games, Virtual Worlds and Higher Education SIG

 An informal seminar to discuss recent work.

Each 10 minute presentation will be followed by 20 minutes of discussion.

Free to attend.

To book a place RSVP to Diane (d.carr@ioe.ac.uk)


Confirmed presenters include: 

 Shakuntala Banaji, title: Rhetoric of the digital native

 Caroline Pelletier, title: Hospital drama: Researching simulations in clinical settings.     

  Diane Carr, title: Zombies, androids, busted cyborgs.    

 Natasha Whiteman, title: Undoing Ethics.    


  More information about the presenters: 

 Shakuntala Banaji, LSE. Recent work includes: Banaji, S. (forthcoming) “Disempowering by Assumption: How the Rhetoric of Digital Natives Affects Young People and Influences Civic Organisations Working with Them” in M.Thomas (ed.) Deconstructing Digital Natives. New York: Routledge. See also Banaji, S. (2011) “Framing young citizens: explicit invitation and implicit exclusion on youth civic websites” in Special Issue of Journal of Language and Intercultural Communication, volume 11, No. 2.


Diane Carr, IOE. Title: Zombies, androids, busted cyborgs. Outline: In this presentation recent attempts to use disability theory to analyse representations of ability and disability in digital games will be shared. The outing of zombies, the unhappiness of cyborgs and the pathologizing of noobs will be considered. Briefly.

Caroline Pelletier, IOE. Recent work includes:Pelletier, C. and Whiteman, N. (in press) ‘Affiliation in the enactment of fan identity: a comparison of virtual and face-to-face settings’ In C. Ching and B. Foley (eds), Technology and Identity: Constructing the Self in a Digital World. Cambridge University Press. See also Pelletier, C, Burn, A. and Buckingham, D. (2010) ‘Game design as textual poaching: media literacy, creativity and game-making in E-Learning and Digital Media 7 (1), 90-107.

 Natasha Whiteman, University of Leicester. Recent work includes N. Whiteman (in press) Undoing Ethics: Rethinking Practice in Online Research, now in press with Springer. See also N Whiteman (2010) Control and Contingency: Maintaining Ethical Stances in Research, International Journal of Internet Research Ethics, Issue 3 (1), 6-22, and N Whiteman (2008) Learning at the Cutting Edge? Help-seeking and Status in Online Videogame Fan Sites, in Information Technology, Education and Society, Vol. 9, No. 1, 7-26.




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