Reading – June 2020

Update: I keep writing updates then deleting them. We are OK. We are still here!

The Future is Disabled –  Alice Wong Link.


‘We are ghosts’ Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice’ D. Snoussi, L. Mompelat. Quote: “A combination of government-imposed austerity and the hostile environment that led to the Windrush scandal is forging shared conditions across working-class, minority ethnic and migrant communities.” Runnymede and Centre for Labour and Social Studies. Link.


‘What would health security look like?’ – Sunaura Tayor writing in the Boston Review: “The conditions that make someone more vulnerable to COVID-19 are of course intimately tied up with poverty, environmental racism, and inadequate health care. Thus while such a sentiment is unabashedly ableist—should we mourn the lives of the healthy and robust more than the lives of the ill and disabled?—it is also deeply racialized, a message to America’s white middle class that they have no need to panic. ” Link.

Disability Visibility Project website, link. 

The weaponization of medical language and white supremacy Link. 

Shielding and protesting? Suggestions on how to do and what to do from the Disability Visibility Project website – Link.

From Quality of Life to Disability Justice. Ginsburg, Mills, Rapp. Link.

Bruno Latour. Where to land after the pandemic? A paper and now a platform. Link. 

Napier, A.D., 2017. Epidemics and Xenophobia, or, Why Xenophilia Matters. Social Research: An International Quarterly84(1), pp.59-81.Link

Ticktin, M., 2017. Invasive Pathogens?: Rethinking Notions of Otherness. Social Research: An International Quarterly84(1), pp.55-58.

Onoma, A.K., 2020. Epidemics, xenophobia and narratives of propitiousness. Medical anthropology, pp.1-16.

Somatosphere – link. 

Frederic Keck: David Napier: “Our conceptions of disease are culturally constructed. At AOC. 





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