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Fragmentation in DE HR

December 15, 2016

I am still playing and fragmenting and walking back and forwards through Deus Ex Human Revolution, and taking pictures (the image got reversed, long story…will flip it at some point). This week I have a cold, so DE: HR protagonist Adam Jensen has been mooching around Serif’s R and D facility again, taking pictures of the tools on people’s desks, clothes, and work place detritus.


Hands at the lab


Anyway so Adam was collecting images and he spent a while in the labs making pictures of the hands. Some angles made the hands look spookier than others, so we pondered this for a while…and ‘doink!’ – realized that all the hands are doing the universal sign for ‘monster’. This cheered me up.

Classic skipping zombie left, right monster hands move – about 1:30 in.

See also online signing guides and Bad Romance, Lady Gaga etc.

PS – I do appreciate that technically it might not be the universal sign for monster.