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DiGRA 2016

June 11, 2016

carr-digra-edit  Edited copy of the slides for both talks, on a PDF.

I submitted 3 abstracts to DiGRA 2016 – I got carried away because I’ve not had a chance to go to a DiGRA conference since 2009. At the revisions stage I came to my senses and withdrew one of the abstracts. That one was about the difficulties of quoting from a game (Quote, Play and Text) and the methodological implications. I’m scheduled to speak about representations of ability and disability in games (‘Delicate Subjects’) and about designing research on players’ embodied readings of science fiction games (‘Embodied Interpretation’). The work on ability and disability in games leads on from the work undertaken during the 2013-14 AHRC Fellowship on Disability in Digital Games. The work on embodied interpretation looks towards the first unit of work for Playful Bodies stream for the D4D project.  

DiGRA Quote Play and Text

DiGRA CARR Embodied Interpretation

final DiGRA CARR Delicate Subjects


Screenshot from a game

Prosthetic extras, a screenshot from Deus Ex: Human Revolution