FROG paper

Here is a copy of the FROG paper (Future Reality of Gaming Conference, Vienna September 27-28th). The abstract (see earlier posts) was just on Deus Ex HR, but the presentation ended up being on DE:HR and Dead Space. It is still a draft, needs to be finished for the printed proceedings.

Bodies, Augmentation and Disability in Dead Space and Deus Ex: Human Revolution

FROG 2013 final paper

Some stuff left out of the paper:

Dead Space. Richard Dyer, bell hooks and others have written about the use of marginalized, othered bodies to centre and render neutral a centre body (norm). Isaac Clarke has a white male body. The other human characters in Dead Space (non-white and/or non-male) are enigmatic (they are ambiguous in various ways – dead/alive/undead, ally/enemy) so a stable orbit that confirms Isaac as centralized norm is not established and that this might be one of the reasons that Isaac keeps flying to bits. Not sure if this fits in the paper, especially not with this many parenthesis.

Deus Ex: HR – I can pull a disability narrative out (or ‘claim it’, as per Linton) but have to admit that means stepping over, ignoring or dodging the ablist stereotypes that multiply as you get further into the game till finally Jensen faces an arch villain with a crutch and a facility full of damaged, dangerous folk running amok. By the ending even the game does not know what to do. I got a trophy for playing all of the 4 possible endings. Jenson delivers a monologue about trying to do the right thing and limit damage even though he’d spent most of the game mowing down the opposition and pretending he was Isaac Clarke (he tries to be stealthy, but he has problems with patience and timing it seems). It might have made more sense if the game determined which ending my version of Jenson deserved based on body count.

Perhaps he’d yell ‘I quit’ then pull off his augmentations one by one, throw them at his former boss and then blow everything up. Yet miraculously survive.

(note – much later – now folks tell there that there are 12 possible endings. Eventually I noticed that it is just one ‘Revolution’ – evidently in my head, ‘revolutions’ made more sense).

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