Game selection, continued

At the project half-way point the list looks like this:

Dead Space 1 – Enjoyed this and have been working with it

Dead Space 2 – Enjoyed this game and am interested in working on it (eyes, perception, gaze, distortion)

Dead Space 3 – There’s a long, later post about DS3.

Deus Ex: Human Revolutions – Obviously relevant to the project. Took ages to play. I took the wrong door out of Tong’s underground car park and got lost in the sewers for a while.

Resident Evil 6 – Did not make an impression although perhaps there’s something of interest in the gendering of the monsters and female monstrousness.

The Last of Us – In the middle of.

Walking Dead (Telltale Games) – Wonderful. But I’m attached to the version of the game that I just played. Replaying it would undo the game I’m so fond of.  Issues of adaptation and composition. All the zombie plot devices are starting to blur together – reading zombie fiction, watching zombie movies and series, and playing zombie games. Beware the living.  Oh, Telltale have a werewolf game! Something in WD about arms, hands.. perhaps.

Mass Effect 1 – My character is wading through a massive information bulge while wandering around what looks like an airport. I will persevere… Update. Nope. I’ve put this to one side as it is just too huge for this project and it will be years before I have played all 3 in the series, plus the RPG element makes me wonder how it would fit…Apparently ME3 has 80 minutes of cut scenes. 80. Update. Yep. I kept playing. It’s worth it. Not sure yet how it fits (or if it fits) with the project, however.

2 Responses to “Game selection, continued”

  1. playhouse Says:

    Update, Mass Effect. I was lured back. Although I seem to be visiting the worlds in the wrong order. Which means that Shepard has already murdered the mother of one of his new crew-mates. He does not seem to be in any rush to tell her. Shepard decided to let the alien insect queen go. Her culture communicates by musical telepathy or something so I don’t know if she can lie (unless she was lying that…) so Shepard released her. Also, I was thinking about the Ender books.

    I got hold of Project Zero 2/Fatal Frame for the Wii.

    Finished Dead Space 3. Enjoyed the middle sections on the snow planet. The beginning was mostly about my struggles with the auto-save feature. The last 20 percent or so went really fast so barely made an impression although I did like the energy disk booster things and lobbing floating markers at the giant squid-o-morph.

  2. playhouse Says:

    I ended up focusing on :

    Dead Space
    Deus Ex: HR
    The Last Of Us
    The Walking Dead

    Of the games played, these were the ones that felt most suggestive/most relevant to the project. Dead Space is just great, still (2008!). Playing it again now. Would be happy to write more about DS2 and DS3. I love TLOU (just replayed it). TWD also great, interesting. For leisure we play Guild Wars 2. Not tempted to play WoW again.

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