CS week 9

Week 9Media, new technology and childhood

Looking at the conflicts, assumptions, controversies and assertions that run through popular debate (and scholarly research) on the controversial topic of children’s relationship to media and new technology.

Set reading:
Grugeon, E. (2004) ‘From Pokemon to Potter: Trainee Teachers Explore Children’s Media-Related Play, 2000-2003’ chapter 6, in Toys, Games and Media. J.Goldstein, D.Buckingham and G.Brougere (eds). London: Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc. Publishers, Pages 73-89

Seiter, E. (2004) ‘Children reporting Online: The Cultural Politics of the Computer Lab’ Television and New Media vol 5 no 2, Pages 87-107, Accessed Nov 2011, http://tvn.sagepub.com/content/5/2/87


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  1. playhouse Says:

    Media, new technology and childhood. Additional resources

    Ashman, T. (2010), ‘Lessons for digital natives’. Published at http://www.guardian.co.uk.on 1 November 2010. Accessed Nov 10 at

    Bayne, S and Ross, J (2007), ‘The ‘digital native’ and ‘digital immigrant’: a dangerous opposition’. Presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) December 2007.

    Buckingham, D. (2005) The Media Literacy of Children and Young People; A review of the research literature on behalf of Ofcom. http://www.mediasmart.org.uk/pdfs/MedLitChildrenYoungPeople.pdf

    Goldstein, J. (2005), ‘Violent Video Games’, in Handbook of Computer Game Studies, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Pages 341-358

    Prensky, M. (2001), ‘Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants’ in On the Horizon (MCB University Press, 9 (5) Accessed Nov 2011
    http://www.marcprensky.com/writing/Prensky%20-%20Digital%20Natives,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf (suggest read alongside the above Bayne and Ross paper).

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