CS week 7

Week 7: Difference and disability

Look at the idea that disability is a social construction, and consider the extent to which classifications such as disabled are reliant on the idea of ‘normal’ or able. This will involve contrasting medical and developmental perspectives on disability with sociological perspectives on disability drawn from Disability Studies and Deaf Studies.

In the second half of this morning’s session, Barbara Cole will be visiting the class to speak about her research into disability and SEN. Dr Cole’s profile is at http://www.ioe.ac.uk/study/EFPS_21.html

Set reading:

French, S. (1993) ‘‘Can you see the rainbow?’ The roots of denial’ in Disabling Barriers – Enabling Environments. J.Swain, S.French, C.Barnes, C.Thomas (eds) London: Sage. Pages 81-86

Lyons, A. (1993) ‘ A Parent’s Perspective on Integration’ in Is There a Desk with My Name on It? The Politics of Integration. R. Slee (ed.) London: Falmer Press. Pages 249- 251


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  1. playhouse Says:

    Difference and disability. Additional resources:

    Blume, H (undated) ‘”Autism & The Internet” or “It’s The Wiring, Stupid”’ MIT Communications Forum. Go to:

    Cole, B.A (2005), ‘Good Faith and Effort?’ Perspectives on educational inclusion, in Disability & Society, 20 (3) Pages 331–344. http://eprints.ioe.ac.uk/3440/1/Cole2005Good331.pdf

    Ellis, S., Tod, J., Graham-Matheson, L. (2008) Special Educational Needs and Inclusion: Reflection and Renewal. A report for NASUWT, Birmingham 2008. Published by NASUWT. http://www.nasuwt.org.uk/consum/groups/public/@education/documents/nas_download/nasuwt_000619.pdf

    Linton, S (1998) Disability Studies/Not Disability Studies, Disability and Society, 13: 4, Pages 525-539

    Liasidou, A. (2010), ‘Special educational needs: a public issue’, in International Studies in Sociology of Education, 20 (3) 225 – 239.

    Silverman, C (2008), ‘Fieldwork on Another Planet: Social Science Perspectives on the Autism Spectrum’, in Biosocieties vol 3 issue 3 Pages 325-341. Cambridge University Press.

    The British Film Institute has an online resource that features a helpful introduction to disability theory, and to the representation of disability in media.

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