CS week 5

Week 5: Bullies and bullying

Building on the contrasting perspectives introduced last week, while looking at the issue of bullying. We look at changing definitions and attitudes towards bullying, and consider how ideas about bullying intersect with expectations about gender. How difficult is it to distinguish between conflict, ‘rough play’ and bullying? What does it mean to use the label ‘bully’?

Guest speaker: In the second half of this morning’s session Jessica Ringrose will be visiting to speak about her research.

Set reading:

Phoenix, A., Frosh, S. and Pattman, R, (2003), ‘Producing contradictory masculine subject positions: narratives of threat, homophobia and bullying in 11-14 year old boys’, Journal of Social Issues 59 (1) Pages 179-195

Juvonen, J. and Graham, S. (2004) Research Based Interventions on Bullying, in Bullying, Implications for the Classroom. London: Elsevier Academic Press. Pages 229-251.

Walker, G. (2008) ‘Bullying Widespread: A Critical Analysis of Research and Public Discourse on Bullying’ in Journal of School Violence, Vol 4, No 1, Pages 91-118, acessed Oct 2011, http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1300/J202v04n01_06

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  1. playhouse Says:

    Bullies and bullying, additional resources:

    Ringrose, J. and Renold, E. (2010) ‘Normative cruelties and gender deviants: The performative effects of bully discourses for girls and boys in school’, British Educational Research Journal

    Smith, P., Cowie, H., Blades, M. (2003) Understanding Children’s Development Oxford: Blackwell

    Svahn, J., Evaldsson, A.C. (2011) ‘‘You could just ignore me’: Situating peer exclusion within the contingencies of girls’ everyday interactional practices’ in Childhood, September 2011,

    Sweeting, H., West, P (2010) ‘Being different: correlates of the experience of teasing and bullying at age 11’ , in Research Papers in Education Vol. 16, Issue. 3,

    Yoneyama, S., Naito, A. ‘Problems with the Paradigm: The School as a Factor in Understanding Bullying (With Special Reference to Japan)’ British Journal of Sociology of Education Vol. 24, No. 3 (Jul., 2003), pp. 315-330 Accessed Oct 2011 at http://www.jstor.org/stable/3593327

    Children and Society: The International Journal of Childhood and Children’s Services – See the special issue on bullying -http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/chso.2011.25.issue-4/issuetoc

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