CS week 2

Week 2: Childhood as a ‘social construction’. One way to start thinking about childhood as a ‘social construction’ is to consider how childhood as an idea has changed over time and in different places– and to think about the various forces that have contributed to these changes. During this session we will look at the concepts of social construction, agency and structure.

Set reading:

Wells, K. (2009) ‘Childhood in a global context’ in Childhood in a Global Perspective, Cambridge: Polity, 2009. (Extract from Chapter 1), Pages 1 – 18 inclusive

Reay, D and Wiliam, D. (1999) ‘I’ll be a nothing: Structure, Agency and the Construction of Identity through assessment’ in British Educational Research Journal vol 25 no 3, Pages 343-354 Accessed Oct 2011 http://www.jstor.org/stable/1501845

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  1. playhouse Says:

    Childhood as a ‘social construction’- Additional resources

    Burr, V. (1995), Introduction and chapter 1 of An Introduction to Social Constructionism, London: Routledge

    Butler, U.M. (2009) ‘Freedom, Revolt and `Citizenship’ Three pillars of identity for youngsters living on the streets of Rio de Janeiro’ in Childhood February 2009 vol. 16 no. 1 Pages 11-29 Accessed Oct 2011 http://chd.sagepub.com/content/16/1/11.full.pdf+html

    James, A. (2009) ‘Agency’ in The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies, Qvortrup, J., Corsaro, W.A, and Honig, M.S (eds.) Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Pages 34-45

    Nind, M., Flewitt, R. and Payler, J. (2011), Social Constructions of Young Children in ‘Special’, ‘Inclusive’ and Home Environments. Children & Society, 25: Pages 359–370 Accessed Oct 2011 at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1099-0860.2009.00281.x/full

    Qvortrup, J. (2009) ‘Childhood as a Structural Form’ in The Palgrave Handbook of Childhood Studies, Qvortrup, J., Corsaro, W.A, and Honig, M.S (eds.) Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, Pages 21-33

    Sreenivas, D (2011) ‘Telling different tales: Possible childhoods in children’s literature’ in Childhood 2011 18: Pages 316-332, Accessed Oct 2011 http://chd.sagepub.com/content/18/3/316.refs

    The website for BBCi TV and Radio can be searched for recently broadcast documentaries on childhood and children, such as their Hip, Skip and Jump series on childhood play.

    Visit the ‘Representing Childhood’ project website produced by the University of Pittsburgh (2005).

    The BBC and Open University’s website about ‘The Invention of Childhood’ http://www.open2.net/theinventionofchildhood/index.html

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