CS week 10

Week 10Constructing childhood (on screen)

Revisiting the idea of childhood as an idea, focusing this time on childhood as represented in films.

Set reading:
Hanson, S. (2000) ‘Children in Film’, Chapter 8 in Childhood Studies: A Reading in perspectives of childhood. J Mills and R. Mills (eds). London: Routledge Pages 145-160

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  1. playhouse Says:

    Constructing childhood (on screen) Additional resources:

    Lebeau, V. (2008) Childhood and the Cinema Chicago: University of Chicago Press

    Lury, K. (2010) The Child in Film, London: I.B.Tauras

    McClintock, A. (1995), ‘Soap and commodity spectacle’ extract reprinted (pages 280-282) in Hall, S. (ed.), Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices, London: Sage. 1997

    Mills, R. (2000) ‘Perspectives of childhood’, Chapter 1 of Childhood Studies: A Reader in perspectives of childhood. New York: Routledge Pages 7-38

    Wojcik-Andrews, I. (2000) Children’s Films New York: Garland Publishing

    There are articles on children and film at Jump Cut – for instance on the films Spirited Away, Hoop Dreams, or ET. Search the Jump Cut archive here: http://www.ejumpcut.org/archive/index.html

    Morrison, D., (undated) ‘Children on Film’, BFI’s Screenonline, (this is an online resource with links to film descriptions and outlines). http://www.screenonline.org.uk/film/id/446281/index.html

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