Childhood Studies, OUTLINE

Childhood Studies

Notes by Diane Carr, Institute of Education, University of London for the Foundation Degree Childhood Studies course.  Material specific to the IOE (eg. library, academic and student support and assignment information) is omitted from these notes. PPTs and notes on the reading is on the VLE.

Module description: During this module students will be introduced to the field of Childhood Studies. The module is in three parts. Throughout the course, through discussions, tutorials, exercises, presentations and assignments, students will explore the connections between these topics, their practice, and their workplace.

10 weeks. Morning sessions: 10 x 2.5 hour sessions (45 – 60 mins teaching and discussion followed by 90 mins of group work, exercises and discussion). Afternoon sessions: 90 min tutorials

Course schedule, content and reading lists

SET READING: Read this before class because this is what we’ll be discussing. Additional resources  are suggested in the comments section for each session.

Part 1: Introduction to Childhood Studies. Introducing childhood studies and ideas of social construction, structure and agency. We’ll use and revisit these concepts throughout the course.

Part 2 : Children with problems // Children as problem. Normal, different, difficult or special?  Where do classifications like this come from, how are they used, and what does it mean to get labelled?

Part 3: Childhood under threat. What does it mean to declare that childhood itself is under threat – or even dead? If childhood is dead, who killed it? During part 3 of the course we round up the usual suspects (including the media, new technology, consumerism and sexualisation) and take a closer look at the evidence.

10  sessions

Part 1: Introduction to Childhood Studies
Week 1. What is Childhood Studies? Key concepts
Week 2. Childhood as a ‘social construction’, looking at structure and agency
Week 3. Doing boy / doing girl’ – further exploring the above ideas with a focus on gender

Part 2: Children with problems // Children as problem
Week 4. Child development and Childhood Studies
Week 5. Bullies and bullying
Week 6. Hoodies, brats and little angels
Week 7. Difference and disability

Part 3: Childhood ‘under threat’
Week 8. Consumer culture
Week 9. Media and new technology
Week 10. Course revision plus Childhood on film


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